The Acid Test

October 20, 2021|Truth|

“Hmmmm . . . always wondered about that expression. I think I know what it means, but how did it ...

Basic Problems

October 12, 2021|Sanctification|

What are the Basic problems occasioned by the sin of Adam? “Not sure. Trouble in the world?” Sure is a ...

A Difference

September 29, 2021|Counseling|

There has always been a problem of mixing two things together that ought to be separated. When the Bible commands ...

What Is The Church?

September 22, 2021|Church|

What is the Church? We are always hearing of all sorts of organizations beginning that hope to carry on the ...


September 15, 2021|Christian Life|

So you want to change. "Yes, I'd like to, but I'm not sure that it's possible. I keep trying, but ...


September 8, 2021|Christian Life|

Be imitators of me as I am of Christ. I Cor. 11:1 "Why would Paul say that?" I assume because ...

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God never tells His children to do anything that He fails to supply both the directions and the power to achieve.

—Jay E. Adams

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