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The Institute for Nouthetic Studies has taken responsibility for publishing a large number of Dr. Jay Adams’ books. As a result, we hope to accomplish the following goals:

  • Promote the reading of Dr. Adams’ books and reintroduce him to a new generation of pastors and counselors.
  • Make Dr. Adams’ books more readily and widely available.
  • Bring back into print Dr. Adams’ books, many of which have been unavailable for years.
  • Establish an online bookstore where Dr. Adams’ books, from all his publishers, can be easily obtained in one place.
  • Recommend, and make available, quality books from other authors as well.

Explore our bookstore and discover the joy of reading Jay Adams. We believe 100 years from now our descendants will be reading and discussing Jay Adams in the same way we read and profit from men like Calvin, Edwards, Spurgeon, Ryle, Machen, and C. S. Lewis today.

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