• Are You Prepared?

Are You Prepared?

March 24, 2023|Essays|

This is an address presented to the 1984 graduating class of Westminster Theological Seminary in Escondido, California. Well, you’re fully ...

  • Peace


March 22, 2023|Christian Life|

It’s amazing how this blog is getting out into the most unexpected places. Old friends, seemingly lost in the process ...

  • God Knows Why

God Knows Why

March 15, 2023|Providence|

“There must be a reason.” There always is. And, in this case there’s no difference in that regard. “Well I, ...

  • Schiz?


March 8, 2023|Christian Life, Theology|

Is a Christian man schizophrenic? By the sort of radio preaching I heard tonight you'd have to believe so. The ...

  • Left Lanes

Left Lanes

February 22, 2023|Christian Life|

If you’ve ever driven in Europe, the first obvious problem is to learn to drive forward on left lanes. It’s ...

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Living according to feeling is the greatest hindrance to godliness that we face. Godly, commandment-oriented living comes only from biblical structure and discipline.

—Jay E. Adams

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