• Decisions


May 18, 2022|Christian Life|

Is the reason for doing what you're doing adequate? What I mean is this--- Have you thought it through thoroughly ...

  • Habits of Holiness

Habits of Holiness

May 11, 2022|Christian Life|

I once heard J.I. Packer say, “The Holy Spirit works through habits of holiness.” I don’t remember the context, but ...

  • Can We Help?

Can We Help?

May 4, 2022|INS|

INS exists for one purpose and one purpose only. We may do all sorts of things along with and in ...

  • Poor Exegesis

Poor Exegesis

April 27, 2022|Uncategorized|

The other night I heard a radio preacher tell his listeners that if a wife were to pray rightly (according ...

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Biblical teaching is compassionate since it lightens one’s load. There is nothing oppressive about it; when followed it adds a lilt to life.

—Jay E. Adams

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