• There is a Reason Why

There is a Reason Why

May 22, 2024|Church|

Everywhere there is a growing consensus that Christianity in America is on the wane. Is that a true picture of ...

  • The Despicable List

The Despicable List

May 15, 2024|Gospel|

Are you on this Despicable List? In 1 Corinthians 6:9, 10, there is a list of the sort of people who ...

  • Refreshment


May 8, 2024|Christian Life|

I want to translate more accurately a very important passage of Scripture. It is the verse in Matthew 11:28 which ...

  • Observation


April 24, 2024|Counseling|

If you want to counsel effectively, it will take time to learn how to do so. I am appalled at ...

  • Sing a New Song

Sing a New Song

April 17, 2024|Music|

The Bible has a lot to say about music. God is pleased to be praised in song. He even inspired ...

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Unless one maintains vital contact with God, he cannot grow properly into the image and likeness of Christ.

—Jay E. Adams

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