• Transformation---How?


November 30, 2022|death|

You know, we’re both going to die. “That for sure! Unless, of course, Jesus returns beforehand, and changes us so ...

  • Providence


November 16, 2022|Christian Life, Theology|

Providence is the name of the biblical teaching that God not only planned His work, but actively works His plan. ...

  • Is What Is What Ought To Be

Is What Is What Ought To Be?

November 2, 2022|Theology|

How would you answer this question? Many Christians are perplexed by the implications of such questions. Atheists often pose similar ...

  • People!


October 19, 2022|Counseling|

People! You just can’t imagine what they will think of or do next. “What’s got you all gussied up today?” ...

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Feelings do not have to rule and run a person’s life.

—Jay E. Adams

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