• Feelings


May 17, 2023|Counseling|

We talked about the phrase “Tell me about it,” which is one a faithful counselor will be regularly asking because ...

  • Please Come In

Please Come In

May 10, 2023|Christian Life|

The words of Revelation 3:20 are interesting---and sad! Here's how that sentence in Jesus' letter to the church at Laodicea ...

  • Counsel and Discipline

Counsel and Discipline

May 3, 2023|Counseling|

Listen to this important injunction: Listen to counsel and submit to discipline that, at length, you may be wise" (CCNT/P) ...

  • How He Does It

How He Does It

April 26, 2023|guidance|

God guides—but not by supernatural visions, hunches, whispers, hunches, etc., etc. How then? Listen to Psalm 73:24: You guide me ...

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Often, Christian people undergo trials and afflictions … that they may seek God’s comfort, experience that comfort, and be able to point others to that comfort.

—Jay E. Adams

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