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Most of these resources are classic articles from Dr. Jay E. Adams, though other authors do periodically make an appearance.


Listen to The INS Podcast With Dr. Jay E. Adams.

Over the years Dr. Adams has produced an extensive archive of short radio messages (8-10 minutes each) directed to a general Christian audience. As with everything Dr. Adams has produced, they are timelessly practical. Our podcast features a new message every Monday and Thursday.

Jay Adams Lectures


Listen to classic lectures from Jay Adams.

These classic lectures were presented by Dr. Jay Adams over the course of his lifelong ministry. A new classic lecture will be posted each month.

Jay Adams Lectures


Read essays and articles by Dr. Jay E. Adams.

Over the years Dr. Adams has produced many helpful articles and essays that set the landscape for modern biblical counseling. These articles and essays are provided here, with PDF downloads available for use in courses and other teaching environments.

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