All God does for His own is gracious. There was no need to create man; creation was a gracious act. Creating him in His own image and likeness was unbelievably gracious—think about it! Placing him in a marvelous setting, making him the ruler of the planet, providing a wife appropriate to him in every way, was additional grace. Walking with Adam in the cool of the day as He spoke His Word to him was in every respect a matter of grace. Giving him access to all of the trees of the “Park of Pleasure” (as the words, “Garden of Eden” mean) was gracious. Even placing the forbidden tree in the park was gracious. How so? By providing Adam and Eve with an opportunity to show their gratitude to Him by trusting in and obeying God’s Word. No matter how you squeeze it—God is a God of grace.

I could go throughout the Old Testament to point out manifold instances of Grace recorded there. Or those experienced by the New Testament church. But, supremely, I would have to point to the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ for guilty sinners, and all the gracious benefits that flow from it. Grace! Everything about God in relation to His own is of grace. Meditating upon the grace upon grace that, like one wave endlessly taking the place of the one before, is possibly the greatest incentive for honoring and glorifying Him. So, believer, as a partaker of such grace, think frequently about God’s marvelous grace, and you will appreciate and love him as not before.


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