“Come on now, you certainly don’t believe that! How could you?”

It’s not difficult to do so. The Bible is so clear about the subject.

“Show me.”

Delighted to. Turn to John 16:13. There the Lord says to His disciples who are about to become apostles, “But when the Spirit of truth comes, He will guide you into all truth.” The phrase, “Spirit of truth” means that He is the Source of all truth. The genitive use there has the ablative sense of “Source from which.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about—genitives and ablatives are just foreign words to me. Please explain in plain English.”

OK. Jesus predicted that on Pentecost the Holy Spirit would come to the apostles in a special way that He didn’t come to others—He would come to provide for them all the truth that was necessary for the church to have. All of it is the thing to remember. There was to be no more truth revealed after the Spirit had given them what God wanted them to have.

“So, you’re saying that there would be nothing more—nothing?”



Yep. All truth means just that all truth! Aren’t you glad that we have all the truth that we need?

“Sure, but we don’t have it—the apostles did.”

True, they were the only ones who received it. But they gave it to us in the Bible. So—through them—we too are possessors of “all truth.”

“But how do you know about the Bible thing?”

From John 15:26:

The Counselor, the Holy Spirit that the Father will; send in My name, He is the One Who will teach you and remind you of everything that I told you.

He reminded them of all the things Jesus taught—the parables, the Sermon on the Mount, etc.—everything that Jesus did and said. Why? Because they were going to write about it in the Gospels. How else do you think we could have gotten a New Testament? He helped them to remember exactly what was done and said so that we’d have a Book that was accurate and inerrant.

“Oh! I never thought about how they’d remember all that took place. But what about the rest of the New Testament?”

Then, of course, He also gave the apostles the very words to speak and write when they went forth teaching the Gospel to the world (which, by the way, they accomplished). . .

“Now that raises more questions . . .”

I know. But we’ll have to take them up in another blog. Can’t cover everything here.


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