The very mention of the word sends shock waves up spines! For many moderns it describes the great heresy of our day. To think that anyone would dare to hold that one way only is correct, and all others are antithetical to it (and, therefore) wrong, is unthinkable to post moderns. Today, the idea is that everyone has a right to his own “truth” simply because there is no such thing as absolute, universal truth.

To the contrary, Christians believe in such eternal and unchanging truth to the exclusion the views of all other claims by those who boast some sort of relative truth.

How does this look as it is worked out in life?

Quite simply: there is God’s way and, then, all others. And, secondly, all other ways are antithetical to God’s way since He sets forth the claim that His way is the only way.

Now, notice how thoroughly God lays claim to His way of truth. The Old Testament clean/unclean system attests to the fact that God claims to have authority to tell us how to live in every area of life. Many of those things prohibited were seemingly arbitrary (for example mixed materials in a garment. The reason for this is simply to show that God’s way is not to be blended with any other). This system taught one thing primarily: in all of life there are only two ways between which you must two choose: God’s way and all others.

In our time, people are taught to think along a continuum. Continuum thinking dominates the schools, the airwaves—even some pulpits. Everything is along a continuum—there is no right and wrong, good or bad, etc. All is “more or less” something or other. There are no absolutes.

The Bible, quite antithetically I might add, is a Book shot through with antithesis. There is in it good/bad, true/false, heaven/hell, lost/saved, Christians/non-Christians, right/wrong, truth/error, sin/righteousness, the narrow and the broad roads, the wide and strait gates. Look at your Bible carefully and you will discover these and hundreds of other antitheses.

What do these antitheses mean? What I said above—there are but two ways: God’s and all others. People are either for or against Jesus Christ, they are on the one way to the Father, or not.

Now, if your mind is marinated in modern thinking, you will rebel against such assertions. If your thinking is permeated with Bible truth, you will think antithetically. But—and here is he catch—people will object to your views, your assertions and the like, because they have been taught to think on the continuum. Antithetical thinking—which is what you will be doing the more you read and accept the Scriptures—will turn them off. Indeed, it may even infuriate them. But, alas, since all men are turned against God until saved anyway, this is the way that it always has been. It’s important, therefore, to prepare for negative reactions to whatever you affirm about the truth! They will come!

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