If you were to be awakened at 3:00 AM and asked, “How can I be saved?” would you be able to give a crisp, clear answer, roll over and go to sleep again without missing a beat?

Well, doubtless, it will never happen. But should it happen—how about it? How well would you do?

Few things can be of greater importance to you as a believer than being able to explain the Good News to someone else. Perhaps, in your case, it may be that you aren’t really a Christian after all, and need to know and believe it yourself.

I’m not going to set forth a statement of the sort I’m discussing in this blog. Rather, I want to point you to the several blogs in which I have already done so in the past (see the Archives). Here, I simply want to urge those of you who are saved to be certain that you can explain the Gospel to someone else. Too often, in these vague theological times, Christians—who once could do so (at 3 AM even)—have become confused by the nature of the confusing material that is published. If you find yourself among that hapless bunch, it’s time to rethink carefully exactly what you would say. For starters, let me suggest that you begin by reading the early verses in 1 Corinthians 15. They might be of help. But, regardless of where you begin, if you are fuzzy—please begin! How tragic that true believers have become vague about the most important message of all time!

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