“Well, now, what’s this all about?”

I’m glad that you asked; most people have just walked by without noticing—or, if they do, they pretend that they don’t.

“Yeah. Guess I’m just the curious type. But what is it that you’re doing?”

It’s not all that easy to explain.

“Well, give it a try.”

Sure. I’m trying to whistle out of both sides of my mouth.

“Humpf! Why?”

Because it can be done.

“How do you know?”

I have seen and heard it—and the man who was able to do it whistled in harmony! I’ll settle for doing it—you can forget the harmony.

“I don’t believe you. You’re making the whole thing up. What are you really doing with your mouth?”

No. It’s true. He lived in Macon, Georgia, and attended the PCA church there.

“Sure you’re not pulling my leg?”

No. But I’ve about given up; don’t think I can ever pull it off. Amazing what this body that God gave us is capable of doing if we only train it to do so.

“That’s for sure! Think you’ll be able to whistle out of both sides of your mouth in heaven?”

No idea. But one thing’s for sure—In heaven, nobody will be talking out of both sides of his mouth. You’ll be able to trust every word everyone says—we will be made perfect because of Christ. Think of that! You’ll never lie again or be lied to. Heaven will be all about truth—because it is our inheritance from the One Who is the Way the TRUTH and the Life!

“That will be wonderful! And, you’ll have to tell me then whether or not this thing about whistling out of both sides of the mouth in harmony is true or not. I’ll hold you to it.”

Not sure whether we’ll be interested in the subject then; but if so–OK.


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