Caught myself:
__I’ve been complaining again
__Instead of thanking You.
How often I find myself
__joining the chorus
__of those who can see
__nothing more
__than the skin
__of life’s trials.
They complain because they are blind
__and know nothing else to do.
Why should I,
__who see Your hand
__at work in every trial
__molding and making me
__what You want me to be,
__echo pagan plaints?
Certainly, at bottom
__no complaint
__is against circumstances
__or my fellow-man;
__but against You
__and what You are doing
__in Your world!
Forgive me, Lord;
__keep my heart and my lips
__free from the sin
__of murmuring.
Open my eyes to see
__beneath the sordid surface
__of sinful circumstances
__Your sovereign sway.
Help me to trust You Lord
__and to replace my rebellious spirit
__with a joyful heart
__and prayers of expectant thanksgiving.
__________For Jesus’ sake,


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