I find that’s the way most people like it. They’re tired of the airy-fairy, academic presentations that are so much a part of our upper-crusted society today. They like simple, plainspoken, unpretentious talk. They don’t like government gobbledygook either. The despise legalize and they want you to tell it like it is . . .

That is. . . .

Until you tell them the truth!

Then, they’d rather shave it down, not hear it at all, block it out, etc., etc., etc.

The truth is that all men are sinners

Who have offended a holy God by ignoring Him, thinking they don’t need Him and outright disobeying Him.

The truth is that men cannot save themselves from punishment by God.

They must humble themselves before Him, recognize that He, and He alone, has provided the way of salvation from that punishment

And trust Jesus Christ as Savior.

How does He save?

The truth is He came into this world in order to die for guilty sinners so that all who put their trust in Him might be forgiven their sin against God. But He also rose from the dead, is alive, and knows all about you. He is willing to save from everlasting punishment everyone who will depend upon what He did on the cross.

There—you heard it like it is. It’s the truth

But it’s not down-to-earth—

We’re talking up to heaven!

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