Here it is:

Who, like Me, can announce the future? . . . Let these gods declare the coming things, and what will take place. (Isaiah 44:7; HCSB).

God is declaring that prophecy proves.

“What do you mean by that?”

Simply this—the fact that the biblical God has predicted the future proves He is the true God. And, to boot, the fact that He alone can make the claim stick! Indeed, because of the latter fact, the former is true too.

“How so?”

Since there is no other challenger who can substantiate his claim, as He can, clearly, the former is true.

“But don’t other gods claim the same?”

Not too many of them even make the claim to predict coming events, but whenever they do they fail the test of giving the predicting facts beforehand—and, indeed, often long before—in writing that is publically received and tested as to its truth.

“What do you mean by that—and how is it tested?”

Simply in this way: hundreds of scriptural prophesies have been written, received, kept intact, etc., for hundreds (often thousands) of years which years later have been fulfilled to the T.  And that is not true of any other God but Yahweh!

“Are you sure?”

Absolutely. No other supposed God has any written record such as He has to which to point to show the fact of his existence and knowledge of the future.


Any God worthy of the name must be able to demonstrate His ability to do so.

“Where can I get a list of such prophecies?”

Such lists are often found in the back of Bibles in a section next to the maps. You can easily find it.

“Well, I’m going to take a look at one. Thanks for the clue.”

Welcome. Reader, how about you?

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