There are problems wherever you go, so you’d better learn how to handle them.

“I’d sure like to know how to.”

Well, that’s one thing that biblical counseling is all about—how God tells us to solve problems. Contrary to what some people think about the Bible, it isn’t a book full of problems, it’s a book of solutions. These solutions reach all of life’s problems in one way or another, beginning with the problem of how you may find eternal life. Have you read its message about the saving death and resurrection of Jesus Christ?

“Yes, I know that He died for my sins and that His resurrection from the dead proved that God accepted His substitutionary, penal death.”

Good. But knowing isn’t enough. Do you believe that He died in your place, bearing the punishment for your sins?

“Yes. I have repented of my sins and trusted in Him as my Savior. But where do I go from here? There are so many other problems in life to solve. And I’d like to know how to help my friends at church and members of my family when they have to solve some of these problems. But I just don’t know where to begin—there’s so much in the Bible, and I don’t have a system for finding where God has said what I need to know about the many problems we face. Any help you can give?”

You’re not the only one who has to deal with problems and is baffled about how to access Bible instructions for solving them. I’d suggest that you begin to do regular Bible study-not just skipping around in the Bible. Take one New testament book and slowly go through it trying to understand each section before moving on to the next. Using a commentary or two when you do this might also help.

“That’s helpful, I agree; but how can I get a lot of other help fast while I’m doing that?”
You can take the biblical counseling program offered on this website. That will give you a wealth of information about problem-solving in the shortest time possible. And you can study at your own pace.

“Thanks. Any other suggestions?”

In the margins of the Christian Counselor’s New Testament with Proverbs, you will find a lot of helpful information accompanying the text, and there is a section in the back that covers all sorts of issues.

“Thanks. That’s helpful. Think I’ll do that. Where can I get the CCNT/P?”

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