Our Pastor just began a summer sabbatical, but he assigned me a task before he left. I am to circulate amongst my “vast sphere of influence” and seek a candidate to serve our church in a unique way. You see, the person we are looking for will need to wear two hats and because of this, will be that rare unicorn with a unique combination of gifts.

The first hat he will need to wear is that of our lead music man. This could mean several things and does not necessarily mean that he must be an accomplished pianist, brilliant soloist, composer, choir director, and worship leader (although having all these traits would be a plus). We just need a musician who can lead our music ministry with skill.

The second hat he will need to wear is that of Nouthetic counselor. Our counseling ministry is in its infancy and we need someone who is committed to Nouthetic counseling, preferably already ACBC certified, who can lead training and organize.

Are you this person? Do you know of someone who might be? If so, contact Donn Arms at [email protected] for more information. To learn about our church you can check out our website here.


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