It’s the time of year when people water their gardens; if they didn’t many plants would dry up and die. But in watering, if the spigot, or the hose attached to it leaks, you can have a real mess on your hands.

Sure, but you can always put a rubber gasket in it if the problem is with the hose.”

Exactly. If the problem is with the hose, deal with it. But if the spigot leaks, well . . . that’s another story.

If the spigot leaks; you may need to replace it or move the hose.

If there’s a leak in your spiritual life, then fix it by inserting the gasket of repentance. If the spigot leaks, then you may need to get a new one.

“How do I do that?”

Perhaps you’re hooked up to the wrong spigot. If so, you’ll end up with a mess if you continue to use it. And, in the meanwhile, like those plants, you may dry up spiritually.

“What faucet would be a leaky one?”

Any that isn’t attached to the Source of truth.

“But what does replacing it mean?”

Move the spigot in the pulpit, or remove the hose.

Changing churches if the truth is leaking out of the pulpit of the one you attend. It’s no virtue to be “true” to a church that fails to deliver the spiritual water of life, Christian. A liberal church delivers polluted water out of a rusty spigot, and the little bit of truth that you receive is so infinitesimal and so thoroughly mixed with rust that it won’t help  you. What you need is a steady, continual flow of pure, spiritual water.
“Sure, but our family’s always been members of our church.”

Look at them with a careful eye—what has it done for them? How much do they know of God’s Word? What spiritual benefits have they received over the years? Make a careful assessment; then make a good decision.


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