“If you had  it to do over again—would you?”

Have you heard people ask this question? Well, of course, it’s stupid.  The answer can only be “Yes.” How could you change past history? You can’t—and you are the you who in the course of history was ordained to be what you are, and do what you do. What they really mean is—given an opportunity to do something or other ­as the person that you are now would you do the same? In many cases, the answer would be “no.” But you will have no chance to go back and alter history as the liberals do in our children’s school books! Besides that—you are what you are and do what you do today because yesterday and the day before you did do what you did and were what you were (good or bad). So let’s stop this sort of asinine thinking and speaking. There is time enough to change the way you live today without thinking about “what ifs” from yesterday.

If you have things to repent about from yesterday that were never set straight—of course, you should repent today. If you have the past where it belongs in the past, then live for today—for the Lord who is giving you each day you live. Think hard about His will expressed in His Word, follow what He commands, and then sit down and relax. If you’ve done what He commands, tomorrow you need not think about what you are doing now, and say, “If I only had it to do again . . .” If yesterday was all; wrong, as I said repent and put it where it ought to be—in the past –and focus on what you are doing right now. Then do what He has commanded you to do (Matthew 28:20).

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