Is there a problem?

State it clearly as you see it.
How does it affect you, others, and the Lord’s work?

Can you state it in biblical terms?

Is there a Scriptural term for it?
If not, describe it in biblical language.

Must it be dealt with first?

Everything cannot be dealt with at once.
Set a priority for handling the problem.

Is it a principal problem or a complicating problem?

How can you know?
If a complicating problem, must it be settled first?


The solution must be biblical, exegetically based—

Using Scriptures that rightly apply to the problem,
And are carefully understood in terms of their purpose.

Its outworking must be feasible.

The suggested implementation must grow out of Scriptural principles.
It must also be consistent with Scripture at all points.

If followed God’s way there will be blessing regardless of consequences.

Obedience does not always lead to pleasant outcomes.
But God will bless the outcome in some way.

And, most important is the honor of God in it all.

This must be the foremost desire in solving the problem.
Determine how to please God by the solution.



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