“You’d better watch out; you’d better not cry; you’d better not pout—Santa . . .”

Whoa! What are you singing?

“You know—Santa’s coming to town, so be careful, and so on.”

Do you know what that song actually says?

“Well . . .”

It says, “He knows what you’ve been thinking—whether you’ve been bad or good—so be good for goodness sake,” and so on…

“Yeah—that’s part of it.”

If that were true, he’d be God.


Think—how else could he be everywhere, knowing everything about every child?

“I don’t know—never thought about that. Not too good to teach our children such a thing?”

Absolutely not! Then, when they realize that the whole thing is a fairy tale, what are they likely to think of the One Who really does know what they’ve been doing and thinking all year long?

“Well —?”

And, one thing more—

“What’s that?”

Simply this: Never tell anyone to “be good for goodness sake!”

“Why not?”

Because we ought to be good for Jesus’ sake!

“OH! I guess you’re right!”



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