Well, the days are getting longer now. I can drive home from evening meetings and still have light—at least dusky light.

This means that spring is here. Of course, it is so officially, but the flowers and the blossoming trees are what so clearly give evidence of the fact.

What will you do this spring to take advantage of God’s beautiful world? (I know, man has messed things up) But in spite of man—though marred—there is much that is lovely, exciting, interesting, pleasant, etc., etc.

Now, my friend—how are you going to spend whatever discretionary time you have? Are picnics too old-fashioned for you? Is it too much trouble to set up the badminton court? [I had to look up the spelling of that word—didn’t realize it had an ‘n’ in it]. Will you go swimming at the beach in a few weeks when it warms up a bit more? How about fishing? What will you do to enjoy this wonderful world that God has provided for you to enjoy?

When you do—don’t forget to thank Him for it.

And—beyond that—use it as a reminder that (if you are a Christian) there awaits you a world that is far better. If this one is so wonderful in spite of the scars and pollution brought about by man, think how much better the new world will be–the one in which righteousness is at home!

Think what it will be like never to feel pain again, never to cry over anything, since there won’t be anything to cry about. Never to sin or be sinned against!! But, most of all, think of it—you’ll finally see the Lord Jesus Himself—you’ll know the glory of His presence. And you’ll be able to appreciate things the way a perfect person will!

Are you looking forward to a city whose Builder and Maker is God? If you forget from time to time, why not use the beauties of spring to remind you?


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