“I’ve got to go to the grocery store.”

It seemed like a simple, routine thing at the time these words were spoken. But then it all changed!

A truck, carrying gravel, ran a red light and plowed into the rear end of her car. The grocery store turned out to be the ICU at the local hospital.

How quickly everything in life can change! Plans, purposes, intentions—all down the drain! Nothing left of any of them. Life will never be the same again.

In God’s providence—that is in His perfect will for His children—even occurrences like these have a good and eternal purpose. We may see it in part here; probably not with any amount of specificity until we look back from a heavenly perspective some day.

But for now—that’s the question—for now, when that perspective isn’t possible. For now, when the consequences of the seemingly tragic and useless act of a foolish driver has destroyed every plan you had for the future, how must you handle it?

Two main things to keep in mind

  1. God also had plans for you-and His will be fulfilled to the end.
  2. It is not useless, purposeless; He has a reason for what happened.

All of which leads to a third: How can you make the most of the plan that He has begun to work out on your behalf? You can whine, mope, become depressed. Or you and look forward to what He has in store for you in these circumstances. They are difficult, but He knew you needed to deal with difficulty. They are tragic, but, again, God sent you tragedy to handle for a purpose. And so it goes. Your task is to make the most of God’s providence that’s possible. Will you?


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