Well, a day after the night before when I fell, the appraisal is that I’ll have a good deal of pain, and won’t want to walk much for a while. Not that you care. I won’t drive for a time either since it’s the right ankle and knee that are injured. Dull stuff, eh? The doc says I’ll live. So, like it or not, I suppose I’ll keep on writing blogs.

How should you view illness? A blessing from God? Sure! Though all illness is the result of Adam’s sin, that doesn’t mean God can’t use it to bless you. Here I am now laid up, but think of how it will keep me from having to assume any number of tasks that I might ordinarily take on. Driving, that I just mentioned, is one of them.

Moreover, it provides a time for rest. I’ve slept more since I fell than I have for a long time in the given portion of time. Result? I feel more rested. And when you sleep, it doesn’t hurt!

So, all-in-all I guess I can readily welcome this injury. At least, for now, that’s how I’m viewing it.

“Ah . . . but your injury isn’t so bad. Mine’s far worse. You can get around with that walker.”

Yeah . . . I guess so. But even if it were worse, don’t you think I should still see God’s hand in it? Surely, He is providentially involved. That is to say, “it didn’t just happen . . .” And as that Philadelphia heretic, Father Divine used to add, ” . . . it happened just.”

What is your affliction today? How are you handling it? I’m sure that I’m not the best example but, perhaps, what I’m writing will help you appreciate something of God’s providential care over you.

Care? Yes care—you can still read this, can’t you?


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