“Hey, my preacher used the words “the naked truth” in his sermon. But I didn’t get a chance to talk with him about it. What do you think he meant by that?”

You don’t know?

“I’m a bit concerned—was that the way to talk in the pulpit?”

Let me explain. There’s an old fable that tells about Truth and Falsehood going down to the river to swim. They left their clothes on shore. Falsehood came out of the water first and put Truth’s clothes on. Because Truth refused to wear Falsehood’s clothing, he went naked.


You see there are two things to gather from this:

  1. Falsehood often wears Truth’s clothing—but it’s still Falsehood.
  2. Truth will never have anything to do with Falsehood.

“I see. There’s a lesson there!”

Yep. There are many who go about in Truth’s clothing who are really nothing more than cousins of Falsehood—if not the real article himself!

“So, If I don’t mingle with Falsehood, don’t go swimming with him, people won’t be confused.”

Yes. And Truth is so constituted that it refuses to be clothed in his garments!

“I see.”

The thing you have to be careful of is that, as Scripture puts it, there are wolves in sheep’s clothing! Indeed, the wolf often wears a shepherd’s clothing!

“Hmmmm. . . A good way to get at the flock, eh?”



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