I want to discuss Scripture a bit today. When we speak of the Word we mean either the living incarnate Word (Jesus—see John 1) or the written inspired Word (Scripture).  Some people are confused by this, but there is no reason for confusion. You see, the Two are so identical and intertwined that I can use a capital in the word Two when speaking of both.

The written Word tells us what the living Word wants us to know.  That’s the key factor to keep in mind. They never contradict one another, but always agree. Indeed the only way you can learn about the living Word is through the written Word—Scripture. Never allow anyone to separate the two—especially if he claims to have some verbal communication from the living Word. There is nothing more to be added from or about Him (see John 16:13) where we read that the Holy Spirit would guide the apostles into “all truth.” They received it all, and communicated it in the written Word so that we could know all there is that God Wants us to know about the living Word as well as anything else.

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