Tertullian tells us that the one thing that impressed the pagans in the early days of Christianity was how believers loved one another.

Is this factor still as impressive today? If not, why not?

On the other hand, is it even fair to ask these questions? After centuries of spreading the faith, and the leavening effect for good that it has had on those civilizations it has influenced, would the contrast be as great as in ancient times?

Or, on the other hand, has the major difference in our times and theirs only been in the technological advances that have occurred, so that the characteristic of Christian love still ought to stand out among modern pagans?

Either way–Christian, does it impress you?

That question is certainly valid, and ought to be asked. In looking at the situation as you know it, how will you answer? Yes?__ No?___ Some qualified answer_________________________

[Check one, or fill in the blank]

If your answer is yes, how can the situation be improved?

If your answer is no, what needs to be done about it? What can you do?

If you gave a qualified answer, explain how whatever deficiency you mentioned (assuming you did) can be remedied.

On the whole, this questionnaire would be a worthwhile exercise for the members of your congregation to take. Think about it. I won’t charge you a thing to use it.


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