As I travel, Lord,
__I encounter new sights and sounds—
__fresh experiences bursting upon my senses;
__bathing me in their glow,
__chilling me by their harshness.
Exposure to the brusque (but often brittle)
__sides of life
__as well as its gentle (but often brittle) aspects,
__reminds me of the fact
__of human sin in a good God’s world.
Lord, this day, as I travel on,
__open my eyes and ears.
Teach me to see and hear again not only the fact
__that I and these about me
__possess the common faults of Adam’s heirs,
__but also that by grace I have come to know
__the second Adam
__and am a joint heir with Him.
Continue to remind me
__not only of the glorious treasures
__reserved in heaven for me—
__of which today’s joys
__are but the merest reflection
__(though they also are a priceless pledge)—
__but of the truths that You disclose
__in what is now at hand.
Quicken all my senses, Lord,
__and teach me to so apply the Word
__that in each experience
__I may recognize—
__beyond the tragedy of sin—
__the triumphs of Your Son,
__________________in Whose Name I pray,




The Christian Counselor’s New Testament and Proverbs, translated by Jay Adams

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