That’s a good question—and isn’t asked often enough when discussing the atheistic thrust of our contemporary society.

Ask yourself—why would someone go to great lengths to deny the existence of God? If what the Bible teaches is true, think of all the marvelous promises that believers have (and unbelievers don’t have) as a result of faith in Jesus Christ! A new body in which there is neither death, sickness, nor sin; power unlimited; eternal life full of joy and peace, etc., etc.

Hmmm—-there must be a pretty strong motive behind this denial of God; do you have any idea what it is?




The wicked arrogantly thinks “There is no accountability since God does not exist.”    Psalm 10:4 (HCSB).

There you have it! In clear terms—If I can get away with it here and now (whatever sinful thing that I would like to do), there will be no one after death to answer to for[1] whatever I have done. Action without consequences—that’s what the atheist wants!

But God says this is sheer arrogance. And, of course, that’s exactly what it is—a person thinking he is so smart as to be able to contradict all the great prophets. Well, then, what? The fact that if they are right, you can get away with some things you are now hesitating (but would like} to do? Right? Think deeply.
Some day you will have to stand judgment before God—in that day your arrogance will melt like ice cast into a fire! What will you say? How will you defend yourself? What will it be like to face God unforgiven?

[1] Two prepositions that together work!

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