The question is worth asking because, in time, it may make all the difference in your life.
Perhaps you don’t have much of a focus—that’s equally as harmful to you as having a wrong one. Listen to what God says:

Wisdom is the focus of the perceptive; But a fool’s eyes turn to the ends of the earth –Prov. 17:24 (HCSB)

What do the words in the second line mean?

There is no focus in your life if you are looking first at one thing then at another—never able to settle on any one thing above others. There are lots of people like that today: whether it is in determining what sort of work God has suited them for, what their goals for life are, etc. They are at sixes and sevens.

Focus—that’s the key to success, the Proverb suggests.

So, how about it? What is the focus of your life? First, it ought to be upon God and how you can please Him.  This focus develops as you contemplate His goodness to you.  But that larger focus must then be narrowed to what ways you may specifically honor Him the most. Of these, perhaps you will discover one or two matters (probably related to one another) that will be your major, fulltime focus.

So, what do you focus upon? Think hard. If here is nothing—you have the sort of life that briefly focuses everywhere and really focuses nowhere. And that’s the kind of life that God—in this Proverb—deplores!

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