Winning the War Within: A Biblical Strategy for Spiritual Warfare

Winning the War Within

Jay Adams describes the personal conflict with sin that rages within every believer. Then with skill and understanding, he exposes the enemy’s principal tactics and spells out a clear biblical strategy for overcoming sin. He answers such important questions as:

– How can I successfully deal with temptation?

– How do I fight the battles of the Lord and WIN?

– Can I learn to recognize the designs of Satan so I won’t be so easily defeated?

– Why do I keep making the same mistakes over and over again?

– Where can I find help when I need it?

Whatever the struggle-sexual temptation, chemical dependency, pride, materialism, loneliness, discouragement-we are not alone in the battle and we can win the war within by the power of God’s might as we learn to use the weapons He has provided for our victory.

What Are Others Saying About Winning the War Within?


“Real and lasting change in the Christian life toward Christlikeness goes way beyond behavioral adjustments. There is an internal battle that must be won. In his book, Winning the War Within, Jay Adams uses the carefully exposited truth of God’s Word and the wisdom of a highly experienced counselor to help Christians achieve this goal. This book should be on the shortlist of required reading for counselors and for all Christians because of its relevance to growth in the Christian while overcoming deeply embedded sins within.”

Dr. John Street, Chair, MABC Graduate Program, The Master’s College and Seminary; President, Association of Certified Biblical Counselors


“This classic work by Jay Adams demystifies spiritual warfare offering practical help for all believers. It is full of scriptural hope and encouragement.”

Dr. Jim Newheiser, Professor of Counseling and Pastoral Theology Reformed Theological Seminary Charlotte; Director IBCD.


“Dr. Adams has a way of taking complicated matters and making them easy to understand while providing guidelines for how to work through those matters in a biblical way. Winning The War Within is an example of this. He guides us into understanding and addressing spiritual warfare in a way that is practical and biblical. A great resource for bible studies and counseling.”

Dr. Nicolas Ellen, President of Expository Counseling Training Center


Winning the War Within demonstrates the teaching skill of Dr. Jay Adams and displays his compassion and kindness in caring for souls. As a shepherd, Dr. Adams balances grace and truth, offering the wisdom of Christ in a practical and applied manner. His emphasis on the heart and its temptations toward choosing what the world and Satan offers is extremely helpful. I commend this book to you without reservation!”

Dr. Mark Shaw, Director of Counseling, Grace Fellowship, Florence, KY; author of Heart of Addiction


“I could not agree more with Dr. Adams when he said, “It is there—within your inmost being—that battles are won or lost.” It’s not outside of us, it’s within us. Some let this lead to talk of personal worth or affirming your own ability to wage war, but Dr. Adams teaches us in Winning the War Within that the Christian’s victory is guaranteed because of God’s work in us. Though our flesh is a formidable enemy, our God proves victorious in our lives both now and ultimately. One of Adams’ classics and one of only a handful of good resources on spiritual warfare. I commend this book to you.”

Dr. Greg E. Gifford, Associate Professor at The Master’s University; author of Heart & Habits


“I have lived through three generations of biblical counseling. What is amazing is how consistently on the money Dr. Adams, the father of modern biblical counseling was and is. Winning the War Within is a great example. Adams identified his cultural situation when he wrote, “…I need to say that the same forces that have spawned an effete Christianity, that shun confrontation, glorifies self, and represents Jesus as a Savior who can add a dimension to your happiness (rather than one who will radically change your life) are at work.” The contemporary situation has worsened dramatically. The enemy has fielded an array of new battle plans such as gender dysphoria, porn at the flick of a finger, and CRT. Adams’ faithful, clear biblical guidance and instruction are extraordinarily helpful to Christian engaging in that inward warfare with evil.”

Dr. Howard Eyrich, retired Seminary professor and author of Three to Get Ready


“Jay Adams changed my life. Reading his books and learning from his wisdom was absolutely foundational for me, not just as I learned how to engage in counseling that is authentically biblical, but also as I learned to think biblically about an entire host of issues. Jay Adams is biblical counseling’s great grandfather. There is no biblical counseling author, leader, or practitioner that cannot draw a direct line from their ministry to the founding work of Dr. Adams. That means that neither your theological education nor your counseling training is complete until you have sat long at his feet, reading as much of him as you possibly can.”

Dr. Heath Lambert, Sr. Pastor, First Baptist Church, Jacksonville, FL, Author of A Theology of Biblical Counseling and Finally Free


“Here is classic Adams—clear, direct, biblically saturated, and extraordinarily helpful! Misconceptions abound when it comes to the topic of spiritual warfare. Adams will have none of them. In his typical fashion, he brings sanity to a confused topic by unashamedly calling believers to trust what God’s Word has to say on the matter. In doing so, not only does he remind Christians of the great battle they are in, but he also provides for them the biblical strategy for Winning the War Within.”

Pastor Donald Thomas, Abner Creek Baptist Church, Greer, SC


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