Have you ever thought much about the way in which God works to bring about His purposes? Take the story of Joseph—what a chain of events to finally land him in the position by which he could influence all of Egypt and save his people!

Because he was unable to fathom where each event was heading, he might have become discouraged, turned his back on God, or complained bitterly as seeming misfortune after misfortune occurred. But, no. He handled each one with faithful integrity—much like Job did.

There is a lot to be learned from his story. I wish, however, to observe but one thing: today’s seeming tragedy may be only one stop on the route that leads to tomorrow’s glorious outcome.

Since God sometimes brings us to long term outcomes by means of short term stepping stones that lead there, we ought not complain if we get our feet wet in the meantime as we cross the streams that lie between!

Certainly, Joseph’s prison experience wasn’t pleasant, but it was the way God planned for him to make the important contact that moved him forward toward His goal for his life.

How do you not know that an unlikely event like his, may not be the key to some remarkable future blessing?

All I wish to observe is that if you are His, God presents His own with difficulties which, ultimately, are for their good. And, often, for the good of His church as well. Who, but He, knows what he has in store for you? Stop that whining and start winning!

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