From now on the Son of man will be seated on the right hand of God’s power.                                         (Luke 22:69)

When Jesus said this, He was making an incredibly strong statement about the place in the world that He would assume in the very near future as the God-man. When He stated this fact to the elders of the people, assembled as the Sanhedrin, He was officially declaring to them what they fully understood, that He was the One Who was about to fulfill the long-awaited prophecy of Daniel 7. That He was the Messiah.

To Him would be turned over “all authority in heaven and in the earth,” as He later explained to the Twelve when He charged them to disciple all nations. This reception of authority happened when He came with clouds to the Ancient of days to receive power and glory and authority to rule.

This was a stupendous claim—the Son of Man, a human being—raised to the ultimate place of power at the Father’s right hand! If false, He should have been convicted; if true He should have been worshiped. It is true, and means, therefore, that a human being-one of us—is at the right hand of God. Think of that astounding fact!
Jesus began reigning as the God-man upon His ascension and is reigning still. Indeed, He will continue to do so until He puts down all of His enemies-the last of which is death. If you have trusted in Him as Savior (see other blogs in the archives to understand the way of salvation), you have taken your place along with Him as a fellow heir to all the promises of God, one whom He is not ashamed to call His brother (Hebrews 3; 11).

He is the firstfuits of those who will be raised from the dead to eternal life. He is the One in Whom all that we were incapable of doing as sinners was accomplished perfectly so that, being “in Him,” we are counted (reckoned) to be just before the Judge of the universe since His righteousness is reckoned to us.

You have much to rejoice about, Christian. Sure things go wrong here-very much so. But in His time, all will be set straight. And, at that time, you will enter into all of the joys, privileges, and love that will be realized when you shall see Him as He is. There is much to look forward to.

Remember that fact when things get tough here.

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