Would you consider helping us? We want YOU to endorse Jay’s books! Why you? Let me explain. When a new book is published, it is common practice to solicit endorsements or “blurbs” from prominent people in the field—authors, educators, and well-known personalities. We do this as well. But Jay’s books have a somewhat different appeal. They are written to help you and people like you—pastors, lay counselors, and Christians who simply desire to walk with God and know their Bibles better.

So, would you consider writing a “blurb” for us, not necessarily about a specific book, but about how Jay’s books have helped you? Perhaps one of these categories will give you an idea of what we are looking for:

  • “Here is how reading Jay Adams has helped me in my ministry, marriage, trial, or walk with Christ.”
  • “This is why YOU should read Jay Adams.”
  • “Let me tell you about a specific book that has helped me.”
  • “Let me tell you why you should read (insert book title).”

You get the idea. Long testimonies are wonderful, but they will not help us. We need anywhere from a medium-length paragraph to just a few sentences. Endorsements that are over 200 words will certainly require editing.

Now, if you want to tell the world about how Competent to Counsel has changed your life or how the Christian Counselor’s Manual has been so rich with instruction, let me hold you back. Competent to Counsel upended my ministry as well, 40 years ago. I am horrified when I encounter graduates of biblical counseling programs who have never read Competent to Counsel. But both are published by Zondervan and blurbs that focus on them will not help us. That does not mean we do not want you to mention them, or the other Zondervan titles, but please do not make them the focus of your blurb. The folk at Zondervan are great partners, and we believe everyone should read Competent to Counsel. But we will leave the promotion of their titles to them. The same is true of the other Zondervan titles.

“How will you use my blurb?” We don’t know for sure. It may appear in one of our blogs, you may see it in one of our newsletters, we might use it on Facebook, or it may even appear on the back cover of one of Jay’s books! When you send us a blurb, we will assume that you give us permission to edit your blurb and use it as we see fit.

“Will you use my name?” We would like to. We would only use your name and a brief tagline as to who you are. Something like:

  • John Jones—pastor, Bugtussle, TN
  • Suzie Smith—mom, ACBC Certified Counselor, Podunk, Iowa
  • John Doe—student, Kaunas, Lithuania
  • Richard Roe—Mechanic, Idaho
  • Peter Parker—Superhero
  • Tony Stark—Entrepreneur


“I want to report how Jay has helped me in a specific way, but I want to remain anonymous. Is that OK?” Sure, just let us know when you send your blurb.

There you have it. Give it some thought. Write it out, let it simmer overnight, and review it the next day. Then email it to me at [email protected]. We will be grateful for your help.


The Christian Counselor’s New Testament and Proverbs, translated by Jay Adams

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