You want to help people? Good. What are you doing to prepare yourself to do so?

The question is an important one because there are too many out there who don’t know how to help other Christians to solve their problems God’s way. They offer advice which they can’t even pretend to have biblical roots. They suggest whatever seems best to them—or what they have learned in some psychology class years ago.

This sort of thing is going on all over the Christian world. And it needs to be remedied.

Because those who have good desires don’t always have the right information, while intending to help, they actually hinder.

“So what should a person like me do?”

You can read books. There are plenty of them available—see Timeless Texts’ book list at the website listed under their name. You can take courses (you should be sure, however, that they are biblical and comprehensive). You can study with us at INS, where you will find a truly biblical, in-depth program.

The main thing is to harness your basically good desire to that which will give you the ability to achieve it in ways that please God. As important as helping people is concerned, your deeper concern ought to be to honor God and His Word in what you do. There are too many out there trying to solve others problems when

  1. They haven’t solved them themselves
  2. They haven’t thought through what to do ahead of time
  3. They don’t know how to go about it
  4. They have too little scriptural and theological understanding
  5. They have uncritically adopted views and methods of unbiblical sources.
  6. They know little of how to locate in the Bible passages that are pertinent to a wide variety of problems
  7. They have only a meager ability in confronting others
  8. They are unwilling to face and overcome resistance
  9. They become discouraged when things go wrong
  10. They find it difficult to talk about sin.

These, and many other factors need to be dealt with before you will truly be able help others. If you’re earnest about this desire—you will find the help you need.


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