Sanctification is the key doctrine upon which effective biblical counseling is built. Counselors will flounder in the counseling room if they are unclear about it—and their counselees will fare even worse. Sanctification and Counseling brings together three books Jay Adams wrote to confront misunderstanding, shallow application, and theological error.

With his trademark clarity and laser-like focus, Dr. Adams demonstrates how counseling and sanctification intersect and why it must be understood clearly by biblical counselors. Key issues of the heart, the means of sanctification, so-called “heart idols,” general revelation and common grace, and the integration of psychological concepts are all explained in a way that both the seasoned theologian and the new counseling student will both appreciate.

Sanctification and Counseling is a rich study for any believer who wants to understand how to grow and change in his walk with Christ, but for biblical counselors, it is essential.