A Consumer’s Guide to Preaching

A Consumer’s Guide to Preaching

Most preaching is boring.

I don’t get anything out of my preacher’s sermons.

From the minute he reads the text, I know what he is going to say.

These—and dozens of complaints like them—may be heard in many gatherings of Christians talking seriously about their church. What’s the problem? Is it all the preacher’s fault?

Jay Adams says NO! Preaching is not a one-way street where the responsibility for communicating God’s message rests completely on the shoulders of the preacher. The listener plays an active role in the communication process—for good or ill.

This book offers help for the consumers of preaching. It will:

  • introduce you to some of the biblical guidelines that point out the listener’s responsibilities.
  • confront and offer solutions to many problems encountered in listening to sermons.
  • outline a program to help sincere churchgoers sharpen their communication skills.
  • deal with the needs of those who must listen to inadequate preaching. And much more.

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“Scores of books flood the market on how to preach; few focus on how to listen to preaching. Few parishioners understand Calvin when he said that hearers should become as involved in sermons as preachers. In BE CAREFUL HOW YOU LISTEN, Jay Adams begins to redress this imbalance by providing numerous practical tips on how to get more out of sermons–even poorly preached sermons! Wise are the church leaders who give a copy of this book to every family in their church.” – Joel R. Beeke