The aged saint Simeon, one of the few faithful at the time of Christ’s first advent, was clear about what he wanted. He was looking forward to the “Consolation [comfort] of Israel” (Luke 2:25). He knew the prophecies of Isaiah in which God had promised that His people would find comfort in One He would send to shepherd them (Isaiah 40:1;10, 11). And now, after so many years, at last at this Christmas He had come! The Comforter was here, and he would hold Him in his arms. What a gift that was.

What do you want for Christmas? True, unlike Simeon, you cannot rock the baby in your arms. But even though he grew up, in a far better way, He can be yours. He offers Himself as the greatest gift of all—the gift Who can give you eternal life. Have you ever before received this gift? Have you ever thought about it? If not this is the Christmas to become serious about the question.

The baby grew up. He lived a perfect life, was crucified for sinners, and rose from the dead. He ascended to the throne of God in heaven, and all who, like Simeon, desire His consolation, may find it through faith in Him as Savior. Are you looking for the comfort that assures you of treasures in heaven? Do you want a gift that will last for all time and eternity? Then, you may receive it by trusting in Him. His comfort brings peace of heart and mind. It brings certainty and rest.

What do you want for Christmas? Why not place His Name at the top of your wish list, forget the rest, and have the most wonderful Christmas ever?


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