What to Do on Thursday

What to Do on Thursday

In this third edition of What to do on Thursday Adams sets forth a method for dealing with problems that occur in your everyday walk as a Christian.

How does a believer determine what God would have him do in life’s many baffling situations? The simple answer is, “Turn to the Bible.” Good! But then what? Christians are rarely instructed about how to use the Scriptures in their decision-making. So, when problems arise on Thursday (or any other day of the week) they are at a loss about what to do. They find the Scriptures useful for devotional uses, but not for decision-making.

If this is the case in your life, What to do on Thursday will end such perplexity — once and for all.

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Here is sound advice that will help to make the Bible a practical book that can be used, not only on Sunday, but on Thursday — and every other day of the week. It will help to solve in a biblical and systematic way the problems encountered in daily life. That Christianity should not be merely a Sunday affair is readily acknowledged, but many have difficulty in using the Bible when making life-changing decisions during the week.

Somehow many Christians are unable to find the biblical answers to the perplexing problems of life that confront them so frequently. Some function on Thursday as if the Bible didn’t exist. Others, realizing this inconsistency, consult books on how to study the Bible or how to understand the Bible, many of which fall short when it comes to giving help in applying scriptural truths to specific everyday situations. In seeking biblical answers to the routine and not-so-routine problems of life, says Jay Adams, we must first have an awareness and a biblical understanding of every situation. Then we must be able to locate the passages from the Bible which speak to our problems, interpret them correctly, and finally implement them in concrete situations — through planning, goal setting, and scheduling.

This practical and helpful book is actually a primer on the application of the Scriptures to everyday encounters. It will help you to link biblical principles to practice in a systematic way.